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School Uniforms

ASE students are expected to dress appropriately, projecting a clean neat appearance on campus and at school related activities. Inappropriate attire distracts students from the learning environment and from important instructional tasks. All students are required to wear the approved student uniform which meets the Dress Code policy. Dress Code may be subject to modification by administration at any time.
The regulations listed below are to be observed by all students at all times while at school or representing the school:
• ASE Dark Green polo shirt (Link)
• ASE Sweatshirts in Dark Green, Black, or Grey (Link)
• ASE Cardigan Sweaters in Black (Link)
• NO Non-ASE Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweaters or Cardigans
• Bottoms – Plain Black colored pants, skirts, or shorts that are not oversized (must be able to stay up   without belt)
 Skinny Jeans are NOT permitted
 Cargo pants and Cargo shorts are NOT permitted
 Cutoff shorts and Cutoff skirts are NOT permitted
 Jeans other than Black are Not permitted
 Head wear of any kind is Not permitted unless for Religious reasons
 Shorts or skirts must be NO higher than fingertips with arms stretched down
 Hem of shorts CANNOT touch the top of socks
 Leggings/hosiery may be worn under the skirts or shorts; they must be Plain Black, Grey, White, or Dark Green
• Coats and jackets must not have a hood and be Plain Black and not over-sized (Link)

• Plain is defined as a solid color and should contain:
 NO Logos or Writing
 NO Patterns or Stripes
 NO Holes or Rips
 NO Spikes
 NO Cut-outs
• Banned/Prohibited Items
 Gang-related/Sexually-explicit/Tagging/Drug-related/Alcohol-related/violent/inappropriate clothing, accessories, or paraphernalia (including backpacks)
 Red or blue articles of clothing, accessories, or paraphernalia (including backpacks and shoes)
 Leggings/hosiery as pants
 Headgear except ASE caps or ASE beanies
 Athletic sweat bands
 Open-toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, or house shoes
 Chains
 Visible undergarments

Out of Dress Code Notices: ASE believes that uniforms contribute to a sense of unity and discipline. Students will receive an Out of Uniform Notice and in-school or after school detention for not adhering to the dress code policy. Upon the second or more uniform infractions, the parents will be asked to meet with school administration.

To browse through what clothing options are available to your child, please select the link below:
Norman's Uniforms  School Code is 5753