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Educational Program

The Educational Program at the Academy of Science of Engineering (ASE) is based on the early work of the first Lead Teacher in the USC-NAI Program and is designed to support students that will become highly advanced critical thinkers, problem solvers, as well as kind, compassionate young adults that are contributing and making a difference in their communities and in the world.

The Program superimposes a model of Habits of Mind and Ways of Working that support the development of students who:

1. are life-long Learners that are competent, self-motivated, confident, and responsible.

2. demonstrate solid skills in reading, writing, and speaking

3. have core knowledge that includes cultural, mathematical, and scientific literacy

4. have the ability to use technology as a tool and understanding its uses

5. can critically assess data

6. understand the scientific process

7. have a knowledge of history

8. gather and organize information

9. appreciate, enjoy, and respect the visual and performing arts

10. understand the political process