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Community Service

What is the community service requirement at the Academy of Science and Engineering?

Graduating seniors who have completed all four years at the Academy of Science and Engineering are required to complete 80 hours of community service prior to graduation. A minimum of 20 hours of community service is encouraged for each year of attendance.

What is the purpose of the community service requirement?

The purpose of the community service requirement is to provide all Academy of Science and Engineering students with the opportunity to engage in the local community to gain knowledge, skills, values, motivation, and a sense of purpose in their career development. 

How can I earn my community service hours?

·       Community service hours can be completed at any non-profit organization, human service organizations, or on-campus high school service events (not during school hours).

·       Students must complete a volunteer log sheet (attached below) with all community service hours completed with a description of the activity, total hours worked, and the signature of the supervisor. No community service credit will be recorded until this form is submitted to Ms. Ho, Coordinator.

·       Community service hours will NOT be approved for any work where monetary payment is received

What are some common community service sites to earn hours?  (See attachment below)

·       Local elementary or middle school after school programs

·       Libraries

·       Exposition Park museums

·       Boys & Girls Club

·       YMCA

·       Church events

·       Police Department

·       Hospitals and medical centers

·       Homeless shelters

·       Career-related businesses

·       Camp counselors (non-paid)