Academy of Science & Engineering

Graduation Requirements




ASE GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS:    Class of 2017 and beyond: Students must earn a minimum of 50 credits by the end of the 9th grade, 100 credits by the end of the 10th grade, 160 credits by the end of the 11th grade, and 210 credits by the end of the 12th grade.
All ASE high school graduation requirements are aligned with the A-G undergraduate admissions requirements for the CSU/UC systems. In order to satisfy the A-G requirements for college consideration, students must pass all of their required classes with a letter grade of a “C” or better.   Students must earn a grade of "D" or better to meet high school graduation requirements.  All courses are transferable to other high schools to meet graduation requirements.
Graduation Requirements Snapshot:

History/Social Science              2 years
English                                      4 years
Mathematics                             3 years
Science                                     2 years
Foreign Language                    2 years
Visual & Performing Arts          1 year
College Prep Elective               1 year
Additional Requirements
American Government               1 semester
Applied Economics                     1 semester
Physical Education                     2 years
Health                                         1 semester
Pathway Electives                       2 years
Additional ASE Elective              1 semester
Total Numerical Credits           210
Non-Course Requirements
Community Service                  80 hours
Annual Portfolio  

ASE Graduation and A-G Requirements:
Subject Requirement UC and CSU Admission Requirement ASE Graduation Requirement(Courses offered at ASE, 2012-2017)
A: History/Social ScienceUC/CSU Requirement 2 years required for UC/CSU; 3 years required by state of California 3 years (30 credits) 10 credits World History / H World History10 credits US History / H US History10 credits Government /H Government/ Applied Economics
B: EnglishUC/CSU Requirement 4 years required 4 years (40 credits) 10 credits English 9 / H English 910 credits English 10 / H English 1010 credits English 11 / AP English Language10 credits English 12/ AP English Literature
C: MathematicsUC/CSU Requirement 3 years required; 4 years strongly recommended. 3 years (30 credits) 4 years strongly recommended 10 credits Algebra 1 / H Algebra 110 credits Geometry / H Geometry10 credits Algebra 2 / Advanced Algebra/Trig10 credits Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
D: ScienceUC/CSU Requirement 2 years required (1 year of biological and 1 year of physical science); 3 to 4 years strongly recommended 2 years (10 credits Biological Science / 10 credits Physical Science) 3-4 years strongly recommended10 credits Biology / H Biology10 credits Chemistry / H Chemistry/Physics/H Physics/Integrated Science10 credits AP Biology/Biotechnology/Biomedical Science/Anatomy & Physiology
E: Foreign LanguageUC/CSU Requirement 2 years required; 3 years recommended 2 years (20 credits) 3 years strongly recommended 10 credits Spanish 1/ Spanish for Spanish Speakers 110 credits Spanish 2/ Spanish for Spanish Speakers 210 credits Spanish 3 / AP Spanish Language
F: Visual & Performing ArtsUC/CSU Requirement 1 year required 1 year (10 credits) 10 credits Art/Film & Video Production/Graphic Design/Multimedia Production/Video Production 2
G: College Prep ElectiveUC/CSU Requirement 1 year required; can be taken in grades 9-12 but must fall within A-F subject areas 1 year (10 credits) (Any year-long course exceeding the minimum UC/CSU Requirement)
Career Pathway Electives Diploma Requirement 2 years (20 credits)                                                             UC Area G approved courses
Physical Education & Health Diploma Requirement 2 years (20 credits) & 1 semester (5 credits) 10 credits PE 110 credits PE 25 credits Health
ASE Electives Diploma Requirement 1 semester (5 credits) Math Support, English Support, Leadership, MESA, College Prep. Skills, Advisory, or any additional academic course or career pathway course not used in other required areas.
Community Service ASE Graduation Requirement 80 hours
Annual Portfolio ASE Graduation Requirement TBD
      To earn a State of California High School Diploma, students must pass all required courses, including two years of Career Pathway electives.
      TRANSFERABILITY OF COURSES:   ASE high school graduation requirements are aligned with the A-G undergraduate requirements for the CSU/UC systems.  All core classes meet admissions requirements.  All courses are transferable to other high schools to meet graduation requirements.
      PARENT INVOLVEMENT COMMITMENT:     Parents are partners! We want to encourage all families to volunteer and support the school and thir student. This can be accomplished by attending Back to School Night and Student Portfolio Review Conferences and Student Showcases, attending monthly parent meetings, volunteering at school, completing small clerical tasks, and/or reading correspondence sent home from school, i.e. e-mail, surveys and flyers or participating in other school activities.  For more information regarding volunteer opportunities, contact the high school at 323 545 1100.