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Welcome to the ATOMS Parent Center

Our mission at the ASE Parent Support Center is to provide all parents with the tools necessary to be active participants in all aspects of our children’s education. Our goal is to foster improved and supportive relationships among students, parents and teachers, which will result in significant academic achievement and social growth for ASE students.


What is the Parent Center?

  • A resource and information center

  • An integral part of the Academy of Science and Engineering community.

  • A volunteer center

The Parent Center is a resource and information center. We can introduce you to the many services offered by various outside organizations in the community surrounding our school. You can learn about counseling services, family and self-improvement workshops, and much more.


The Parent Center is a very integral part of the Academy of Science and Engineering community. We welcome and support you in your desire to help your children become successful students. We encourage your input and questions regarding all matters related to the school, your child’s educational needs, as well as any family needs which may be affecting your child’s education. As a community, we are all in this together. Our common goal is to work together to pave the road that will lead to the maximum success of all students.

The Parent Center is a volunteer center active in coordinating supporting the staff and students of ASE. There are many ways you as parents can help us. If you are interested in helping contact our ASE Parent Center.


Contact Information

Parent Center Liaison/ Coordinator

Ms. Lopez

5753 Rodeo Road, Los Angeles CA 90016